Tuesday, January 29, 2008

brnt -- mp3 knowledge

me and my suite mate brad want to start tagging. mainly because it is legal in a lot of places around here and we are pussys

here's a demo i did for michael jordan that didn't become a song.
break yr brain

speaking of which, we got some new ones on our myspace.

spread love bozos

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I guess I have been slacking on this stuff. aside from occasional bouts of thievery and a very sore liver, prague has been beautiful. before getting my camera swiped at an overly 'european' dance club, i managed to take some pictures. maybe this will give you an idea of the first few days of my trip.

this is my apartment. it is huge. i'm pretty spoiled. it looks like some post-apocalyptic squat. except for all the ikea.

dali is funny.

i'll put more up later. i really want breakfast.

a few days ago some czech girl told me "everything is popular in prague". that basically explains it all. they really like bad american pop and nĂ¼ metal. the electronic music scene here is ridiculous[...ly better than new york]. cross club has become the becon for my friends and i. lots of beer and people doing drugs and pretty girls and smoke and usually very good house.

tomorrow, i'm going to see thedeathset at a place called klub 007 which apparently is some punk squat run by 14 and 15 year olds. the black dice are playing there in march. yeah brooklyn.

i miss you michael jordans.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lawrence Arms/HOT WATER MUSIC show

So last night was Hot Water Music, and it was pretty fucking intense.

I showed up about halfway through the Lawrence Arms... which was pretty standard.  They played a pretty decent mix of new stuff and old stuff; most of the kids were really into the Oh Calcutta! songs, which was expected I guess.  Brendan made some jokes about growing a beard for the show and wearing flannel.
Hot Water Music was really fucking awesome.  They opened with A Flight and a Crash and the place just went ape-shit.  It was a pretty good crowd, no real assholes, everyone was really into grabbing each-other and screaming and stuff.   I guess some guy tried to fight one of the security guards up front, during Choked and Separated, the instrumental part and HWM pretty much stopped and said something along the lines of "we haven't played in 3 years and we're not about to play for fights". 
Over-all really fun show.  Got to see the sights of Sayreville.  Left with a souvenir from a crowd surfer.
Pretty jealous of all you kids out there getting a first hand look at el mundo.  Keep it real.

Friday, January 25, 2008

ciao di toms river bus station

q: will i miss this?
a: probably

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ciao Di Firenze

Greetings friends. I've got some time between classes so I figured I'd say hi from the computer lab here at Villa Ulivi, NYU La Pietra.

Italy is alright. It's beautiful here but people are largely into dumb shit. There's a lot of bad graffiti and stenciling all over this city, and lots of bad music in bad bars and clubs. All the kids I've met thus far are pretty boring. There's a Socialist compound/squat that's pretty cool, and some people into a punk scene, but I've not been here long enough to really get into that stuff too deeply. I've got my hands on a bike and I've found some message boards and talked to some punk and socialist kids, so hopefully that will open up some new opportunities to get into wild things. I miss my friends and playing loud music. There's a lot of cool graffiti all over the CPA (Socialist spot) and I've got some pictures but I'm not sure I'm gonna get any of my stuff developed until I get back to the states.
Here's a goofy flier for a show that I think I'm gonna go to in about 2 weeks.

Youth crew straight edge stuff, wigger mosh, and nikes are still really big here. It's like Boston 2001 but the bands aren't as good.

Anyway, more updates to come. As Murphy's Law once said, America Rules.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

MAN - - - > vs. < - - - INEVITABLILITY

on june 5th in the year 2004, ronald reagan's eyes opened for the first time.  he found himself submerged in a thick and sticky pool of inky black psychobabble, floating in place in a soiled hospital gown.

"how did i get here?" reagan asked.

"unimportant."  responded the thick pool, undulating around him.  "ronald wilson reagan, art thou finally ready to begin?"

reagan gulped nervously.

"my name is reagan, and i am ready to begin."

Friday, January 18, 2008

dearest friends

dearest kyle and mike: what's it like on the other side? new jersey is not changing. here are some nice photos of it. eat healthy.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yo so as James said, we were recorded live on ZRadio! Thanks to those guys, we had a great time in Phila.
Also! The shit we recorded with Conor for the split sounds great. Use this link to check out "WIRES" which will be on the split and whatever else we decide to do with the three songs we did.
Now? A bunch of pictures from a couple New Brunswick shows and the philadelphia excursion.
Included in these pictures are members of the following sick bands.
Tin Kitchen
New Brunswick ladies with sass and class. They kind of sound like Mineral. How awesome is that?
Each Other's Mothers
Representing Strong Island. Girls into guitar tones.
Snake Vision
New Brunswick guys. Brofest '99. On tour now with Sublime.
Deer Friends
Nerdy in the best way.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


from now on into the forseeable future, you can listen to our radio set on philadelphia's zradio just by clicking this link. upon hearing it, we kind of fucked up a lot. because the zradio guys just bought us way too much of this stuff.

oh yeah, and apparently one of us spilled water on kevin's cd's. but i talked to him afterwards, and he's mostly just psyched that it wasn't urine.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

for the record

conor from the canaries is basically the nicest dude ever. today he recorded our side of an alleged forthcoming mj23/canaries split in their house. let me tell you, it's a beautiful fucking house and we made a heavy fucking record. we got the sunn0))) bass tone.

and the dudes from zradio are also perhaps the most hospitable hosts that i've ever encountered. philadelphia is filled with people who seem to want to fight each other and generally 'not the most attractive people' as kyleXmurray says, but it's called the city of brotherly love for a reason, i guess.

today was the last day of michael jordan school. now we're going on vacation.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pictures are Fun

We played at Courtland Land in New Brunswick last night and it was killer. Thanks go out to Tin Kitchen and Snake Vision and Eachother's Mothers and Satan's Fingers and the Hospital Bombers and all our friends who came from far and wide. I had fun, I hope you had fun too. I'll have pictures from that show before I leave for Euroworld probably.

These pictures are from the Massachusetts show with Snake Vision at Jack's House. I post them in hopes that everyone who looks at this page will be reminded of the warm, fuzzy times that came and went with the summer.

Michele M took those. Thanks Michele.
James took this one.

Mike Sheffield and I also have a hair metal band. These pictures are from NAUGHTY's New Year's Eve show last week.

Thanks to Arthur King for taking these.

MJ is off to Philadelphia tonight.
God help us all.