Saturday, December 29, 2007

Slow Times on the Homefront

What's up friends?

Special thx to Lauren Jackson and my sister and the euro looking dudes who moshed and Joe and the other bands for a fun show at death by audio the other night.

This is our next show in historic New Brunswick, NJ.

All people looking to check out rooftops or ride bikes in or near Westfield, New Jersey be in touch.
Catch you on top.

Friday, December 28, 2007

goodbye december -- recap bore-athon

this is my first post on this here mj blog. smoke em if you got em.

i took this picture outside grand central. all of mj had left for wesleyan except for ian and i. we would show up crunk'd a few hours later. we played the eclectic house with thedeathset who were really nice nerdy guys. we only played for a hand-full of people but someone was wearing a flipper shirt so it felt pretty alright.

these pictures are from uhall, a freshman dorm at NYU. alex lives here so we would have obnoxiously loud practices and piss lots of people off. mj practices usually piss at least one person off, it's kind of tradition. this was before we played micheline's. we were supposed to play with le rug but they bailed due to some issues with a driver. they are going on tour in january and they rule. it's like elvis costello meets bikini kill. yeah, so we ended up playing the show with donkey flamingo. everyone got fucked up, i had a really good time. joe's shows are always the best.

i took this picture of the trade center my last weekend in new york. we are all home now, most in new jersey, ian in chicago. i leave for prague on january 11th. subsequently, james and kyle are going to berlin and florence.

we have some plans before the 11th, hopefully they shred. regardless, it should all be a fun drunk time for all.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Ghost of Michael Jordan Past

So I found these pictures in my room from one of the shows over the summer at Silent Barn, pre-kylexmurray and myself. Mad old school; you can tell by the general cheer and optimism radiating from James' smiling face, which has been replaced by distrust and loathing.

The show was (I think) MJ, No One and the Somebodies, Lidia Stone, and Necking.

If you like to get down, check out Artimus from Lidia Stone's stuff... he did a short DJ set after our Halloween show at the Ivy Mansion, which was super legit/funky/gnar.

See y'all in the '08, suckers.

i get so much done when i don't have anything to do. music videos coming down the pipe.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


i only took one picture at death by audio. but it was fun. joe rules. we miss you ian.

ivy mansion

carlos took some sick pictures last time we played in new brunswick. i thought about posting the video too but fuck it that's old news by now. it was awfully nice of jacki to make it though.

silent barn benefit

this was a fun show. i know someone was taking pictures but all i have is a stack of these fliers.

old v. new

'stone cold' is damn good but i think i need to track down a copy of 'hard ticket to hawaii':

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

what is this thing?

this is the michael jordan diaspora blog. because we're dispersing around the globe in a few short weeks and maybe someone, somewhere is going to miss seeing our smiling faces in their favorite shithole of a basement making noise every week.

this is where we can share whatever we find or make on our imminent travels to the sun.