Wednesday, February 27, 2008

cant wait for the mashups...

I'm about to leave and go see EARTH.

But I had to post this first.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back on the Attack

My bike was stolen. R.I.P. my blue "limited" mountain bike, my best friend in Florence. I hardly knew ye.

I saw Venice and Rome. Venice was really cool. Everything was like mind shatteringly beautiful, like something out of a Final Fantasy on super nintendo. Kind of like this:

Rome was also super cool, everything there was epic and terrifying. Once again I will not have pictures until returning to gli stati uniti.

I went to some clubs the other night. That was funny. One of them was all ages and had tons of Italian high school kids.
I also went to where George Clooney lives, Lake Como. It was really pretty but probably would have been more fun if I were like 50.
Pretty soon there are some shows at the socialist squat, hopefully those will be cool. I'm playing a lot of guitar.

Here's one of my favorite Italy-related movie scenes.

That's all for now kids. Miss you a bunch. Peace and love.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


japanther at west germany, berlin from James Hodges on Vimeo.

japanther played on my (temporary, new) home turf last night. kreuzberg is like the hood section of berlin, which means there is a gun shop that sells AK's nearby. I will get pictures soon. until then, this video.

i think the dudes were psyched to see a bunch of new york kids at the show. also, i talked to ian for a minute after the show and he is probably the first person ive ever heard say "i love ocean county new jersey". i dont know what to make of it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ps i miss all of you

Monday, February 11, 2008

berlin is nice

i've been in berlin for a week and a half now, the novelty's slightly worn off and i can finally sit down and get my hands dirty in the internet again.

so now get ready because i'm gonna have lots of digital knick knacks to share. first up is this video from a show we peeped last weekend. the band was nervous kid from bologna. maybe you would compare them to lightning bolt. or hella. and no one would blame you. and that's only a bad thing if you've got a serious chip on your shoulder.

nervous kid at scherer8 from James Hodges on Vimeo.

It was at Scherer8, a 'house-project' in an outer district. it used to be a squat but now they have a contract with the government. its still tenuous though and mostly it reminds me of silent barn.

Monday, February 4, 2008

News From The Home Front

<===hanging out with marx and engels

<===for the boys on the east block

I got a job at a coffeeshop.  It's been hell, but there's free coffee and envelopes of cash involved.

You guys left one hell of a mess back here in the states.  Nobody's fault, really, a collective effort; a conundrum created on behalf of all citizens.  

Television has come back into my life and has begun to fascinate me in the most terrible way possible.  

New TV Friends:

DR. PHIL - What a fucking whacko.  This dude is a calculated genius...he used to be an expert witness, one of those guys that testifies and "dumbs down" the litigation for the lay(wo)men on the jury to understand.  I'm also fairly certain the sinister psychologist is using some previously-unknown method of mind-control on Oprah Winfrey, but his goals are unclear as he has not articulated any demands yet.

MR. ROGERS - I was pretty much raised by this guy, so it's very touching to catch an occasional visit from the make-believing cardigan king.  Finish feeding those fish Mr. Rogers, so we can watch picture-picture.  The mechanism of mass-consumption has never been more gracefully explained.

PBS UNSOLVED MYSTERIES SHOW - My old friend Sam Lowry narrates a show about zombies and the shroud of turin, among other bizarre phenomena.  Great straight-faced fun with a British accent.

GLOBE TREKKER - Hot girls lead you around the globe.  My favorite part of every show is when the episode's hot girl makes a face after trying local food.

INFOMERCIALS - Great one that's been running lately: Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About, a book by seasoned conman Kevin Trudeau, definitely on the FCC's top-10 most wanted assholes list.  Check out what Our Venerable Lord Wikipedia has to say about him.

All of this leads me to believe that Dr. O'Blivion was right: television is the new frontier, complete with lawmen & bandits with little difference between them. What he did not predict--or maybe what his maker knew and he did not--was that the television would permeate and it's residuals would manifest elsewhere: the organ would grow outside of our bodies in a placeless place. And so the writer's strike continues.

Stay down, they like to aim high.