Sunday, May 25, 2008


- at the crack of june michael jordan will be back in action. definitely trying to play out by mid-june, please contact us about any shows, pool parties, and/or grill-oriented activities.

- i got arrested. yep. i have to go to court a week from tomorrow. for what did i get thrown in jail, you might ask? none other than that magical green plant that has made bands like boris and electric wizard so good for so long. hopefully this explains my absence from supporting my friends in bands in the nyc area. i will be back... hopefully soon?

- r.i.p. tin kitchen -- for the sake of blurb -- i got the pleasure of seeing tin kitchen play in new brunswick on a few different occasions. even after gaining a very respectable new jersey following the performances always seemed to surprise the audience. how a melody and ambiance driven 2nd-wave-emo-influenced group got so many people moving still blows my mind but there was a certain punk ethos even behind it. while the central motif of riot grrl music focused on experimentation through emphasizing the "ugly", tin kitchen managed to create the same freedom through objectively pretty and minimalist means; using sonic repetition of simple melodies to create a wide foreground for hidden energies - like classically punk drumming and subtle guitar arpeggios - to bring out a very much gorilla energy. the members were also some of sweetest gals around, they had an attitude so ingrained in positivity for the local scene that they could make any band feel like a bunch of celebrities. they will be missed by everyone.

- Indiana Jones was ridiculous. Decide for yourself what kind of ridiculousness I mean.

- joe is having a really intriguing concept of a show this coming saturday. if i can, i will totally be there. go and support him as he has an all-star line-up of bands play on subways, on beaches and weird amphitheatres. details at

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